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So this is kind of exciting. Influenster sent me a Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in “As You Want Victoria” to review. As a lipstick hoarder, this is sort of my dream come true. I need to convince more people to send me lipstick in the mail.

I took a screenshot from Rimmel’s website so you can see the lipstick I am talking about and what they say:

rimmel lipstick

Last night, I wasn’t feeling well but obviously I was not going to let that stop me from trying on my new lipstick. The first thing I noticed is its light smell. I tend to like smells in makeup… I think it comes from the fact that I grew up always trying to use my mom’s Loreal Rich Russet lipstick and I love the smell of that. But Rimmel lipsticks don’t smell as strong as those… it’s slightly floral but nothing that sticks around.

The second thing I noticed is that it went on LIKE BUTTAH. I mean, so smooth. Like my Nivea chapstick smooth. So creamy. After wearing it for a little while, the moisture didn’t go away, which is pretty neat. However, I took it off pretty soon after that because I was not feeling well and I needed to rest and did not want lipstick all over my pillow.

This is from last night, when I wasn’t feeling good. The color sure is pretty, though.

I needed to continue this experiment today to see how long the color will last and most importantly, is it going to smear and get all over my face if I try to eat something? It’s so smooth and rich but I’m a little afraid of what will happen if I eat or drink. This is why I wanted to try this experiment at home versus, oh at work or out on the town. The color is very pretty but not very forgiving if that does happen so I wanted to be careful.
This is today.

I will keep this on throughout the day and update about how it wears and if it gets crazy if I eat or drink something! I’ll re-apply if necessary, like you would any lipstick but I’ll take a real life picture post eating because I think that is important to know.

Update: This is me after lunch. I have done no touch ups whatsoever since the picture above taken around 8am-ish.


The color bled a tiny bit above my lips but I was able to fix that with my finger. You’ll want to have a mirror with you when wearing this lipstick for things like that. I was worried that because the formula was so moisturizing and creamy that it would go all over my face at lunch but that was only slightly the case. It smudged a little bit above my lip but again, I was able to fix that easily with my finger. You’ll want to be careful not to touch your mouth or anything because this lipstick WILL transfer but when it’s left alone, it does really well! I’m really impressed with how the color looks after lunch and it still feels creamy and nice.

My verdict is that this would be good for a night out, even good for a date as long as you have a mirror around for the occasional glance and touch up. I think to be safe it would help to drink drinks with straws as I’m not sure about a night of beer bottles would hold up without constant touching up (and if you’re having fun, who’s going to want/remember to do that?) I will definitely check this out in a more neutral color because I think this could be a really good formula for the workday but the color they sent me is a bit much for work.

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