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I feel like every time I write in here that I’m a broken record: I’m so in love, Matt is the best guy ever, I’m so happy, etc. etc. etc. But that’s my life! It’s all still accurate!

We have decided to start ring shopping which is really exciting. At the end of this month, we are going to go to Dallas to start the process. And just a few minutes ago, I asked Matt on a whim if we could go to Tiffany’s too. It’s just so iconic and when else will I have this opportunity?! He was very into the idea. I don’t know if I would actually want anything from there, I’m sure we could get similar stuff elsewhere. But I just want that experience. I do like sparkly things. I’m like a raccoon that way.

I joke with Matt that I’m his most expensive hobby (as I literally sit here getting a pedicure he’s paying for) but he says Warhammer comes pretty close.


In other news, I ate a Texas-shaped waffle today.

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